Hidden Music Lesson Benefits... Key Music Lesson Information for Young Parents

The BIG SECRET where music lessons are concerned is ALL about the "MUSIC LESSON BENEFITS" that your child wil receive.  It’s not just all about becoming a GREAT musician like most music schools are focused on.  The MOST IMPORT HIDDEN BENEFITS come through musical learning process OVER TIME.

My name is Anthony and this is my life partner Rachel. Rachel is a trained teacher and the first book I co-authored (Your Life. Your Terms.) was published in 2015. We are parents of 3 teen aged children involved in music and sports.

Music Lesson Benefits...Our BIG 'aha moment'...

Our big 'aha moment' came to us a few years ago as we worked along side parents and thousands of our music schools' students over 20 years achieve their musical goals and dreams.

The three parts of this Music Lessons Education Bundle have been assembled as a guide to parents.

This essential bundled guide to the benefits of music lessons will arm you with the facts you need to understand about the true benefits of learning to play an instrument and sticking with it.

There are no strings attached.  Request your copy online by visiting www.MusicLessonBenefits.com.  It will only take a minute.  It's just that easy!

 Here's what you'll get when you download your Music Lesson Education Bundle:

  1. Hidden Benefits of Music Lessons Report
  2. Six Secret Brain Facts - Video Special
  3. Starting Lessons 101: Five things to know

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A bit about Rachel and Anthony…

Rachel got her degree in music, then her teaching certificate right after we married.  She taught in the public school system as both a certified core teacher and music teacher before we started growing our young family. 

In the early years I played my sax when I wasn’t busy with my career working at IBM and then later in IT at the banks.

While our three children were young I finished my MBA.  I left the corporate world in my 40’s to pursue my love for music to grow the family business that Rachel started.  I got a chance to co-author my first book about our music business, family and life…it was published in 2015