So you’ve been meaning to buy a flute (or any instrument) for a while now...

I really should buy a flute…I was recently contacted by one of our readers and she told me that she had been meaning to buy a flute for a while now. 

Why?  Because she wanted to start playing an instrument again.

Read on as I share our discussion and give 5 recommendations to help get anyone on their way to playing music again and buying an instrument.

So why buy a flute?

She thought that a flute would be a more "neighbour friendly" instrument than the tenor saxophone she used to play in school, especially when living in a semi-detached house.  I can understand her point, as I played a lot of tenor saxophone, it is a great instrument, but much louder than the flute when sound is a factor and you live in an apartment or a semi.

Her motivation behind getting an instrument, was that she missed making music and so she really needed to start playing again.

The complication was that she didn’t have an instrument (like most ex-school band students, back in the day, she either rented one or borrowed a school instrument).  

I encouraged her and said choosing the flute would be good...anything to start playing again...the flute would be a nice choice as she had already 'baked in' the basic woodwind fingering patterns from her junior high and high school tenor sax playing days.

When you want should go for it!

Like most things in life, if you know deep down that there is something important you want to do or you want your kids to do figuring out a plan of attack is helpful.  Stop the excuses and procrastination.

Personally I've found that tackling what is standing in your way is always a good place to start. Then I like to look at what would be my strongest ‘next step’ and put in place a system of accountability that can help to get me on my way and keep me moving toward my goal.

Buying an instrument?   Here are my top 5 recommendations I have for anyone to set them off on their journey to playing an instrument:

  1. Tell two people you see regularly that are going to start learning to play an instrument
  2. Do a little research online to find out more about music lessons
  3. Get a recommendation, from a trusted source, for a good music school or teacher in your town
  4. Contact the music teacher or music school and book a trial lesson to get the ball rolling
  5. If you need to get an instrument visit the local music store (to buy or rent an instrument) or buy a used instrument (try Kijiji or craigslist)

If you follow each of these steps, you will be on well your way to starting to play the flute or any instrument of your choosing.

Wish you the best.  Good luck!

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