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the Lesson Gurus’ provides free music lessons information. We are here because so many parents of young children, just like you, are looking for answers to their questions about music lessons for their children.  

Moms Need Great Music Lessons Information

We know that typically this decision general falls into the lap of moms…it almost always does.  Heck, we know you are busy with the family and work so your plate is already full with hundreds of other things.

Everyone knows that it is a good thing for parents to expose their children to music.  You have already heard about how learning music is important in the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of children. Read more about the benefits of music.

So then, let’s just say you are off to a great start! You have found a music lessons guide based on real life experience that outlines the top things to think about, information and tips that will give you an essential understanding and insight into the world of kids’ music lessons for beginners right here in Canada. 

It is good to know that - you are in good company.  Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience with music or piano lessons.   Don’t worry if you haven’t touched your acoustic guitar or any instrument for the last 20 or 30 years. 

So we are here to help make find answer to your music lessons questions.  We’ll get you up to speed.

All the music lessons information on this site comes from personal real life experience as parents of three children, former music students, musicians, and as music school educators.

Music Lessons Information – Find it Here!

We'll regularly add new content and articles to help parents learn about music lessons, piano playing, starting guitar, singing lessons, and a collection of information about learning other musical instruments as well.

We will also share a bit about ourselves and our own experiences to help you get an understanding of where we are coming from and give you an insider’s view on why we think the way we do.  Really it is about giving you the context for the answers we give to the questions parents have been asking us for over 20 years of teaching students how to play an instrument.

Our practical guides, music lessons tips and articles are based on all we have discovered over the last twenty plus years in the business of providing fun music lessons for children.

We also publish a regular DeGazon Music newsletter that by the time we launched this site was already being read regularly by 1100 Canadian families, we've been interviewed on Rock Star TV, featured in newspaper and magazine articles, and have co-authored a book about our experience as music school entrepreneurs.

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