How to RADICALLY build your child's CHARACTER while they experience the great joy of learning piano

The main objective of learning piano is about acquiring genuine confidence and iron discipline. 

By building a strong character, your child can move on and do anything he or she wants in life because they have built up the necessary internal confidence and discipline that is so essential to be happy and successful in life.

Amy Chua with her daughters, Lulu and Sophia, at their home in New Haven CREDIT:ERIN PATRICE O'BRIEN/WALL STREET JOURNALAmy Chua with her daughters, Lulu and Sophia, at their home in New Haven CREDIT:ERIN PATRICE O'BRIEN/WALL STREET JOURNAL

For Amy, learning the piano is for the building of character into each child, that in turn leads to successful living and that is the whole point of Tiger Parenting (the classic Asian approach to parenting), and the reason why Tiger Parenting is so successful at growing confident, high achieving children.


"The point of learning the piano is NOT simply about acquiring the skill of playing the piano so that the student can earn a living as a pianist. It is about building the character of the person.

Learning Piano is a Foundational Skill

Learning piano is the key used opens the door to character building.  Here is the thing about character - you can't build it by explicitly setting out to build it. Character is not a skill like tying your shoelaces – you can’t practice character to get better at it.  But if you must think of character as being a type of "skill," character then is a "meta-skill" - in other words, an essential, foundational skill that can only be acquired by developing at least one highly sophisticated mechanical skill like learning to play the piano.

My partner and I are looking for special parents who want their children to experience the wonders of learning music and the character-building benefits that a commitment to this form of education brings.

First, let me tell you who I am and why we're selecting families for our character building music program.  My name is Anthony DeGazon, and I'm the co-author of a book called “Your Life.  Your Terms.  The Steps Canadians are Taking to Live Life on Their Terms.” with Tom and Nick Karadza.   

For more than 21 years, Rachel DeGazon and I have built DeGazon Music Studios to help children just like yours build a higher level of confidence, character, and discipline through piano lessons. 

The Incredible Benefits of Learning Piano

I'd like to send you some free information that reveals a Brand-New Way to understand and tap into the incredible benefits that come with learning to play piano or another musical instrument.  This secret little known benefit has me more excited than anything I've ever seen. Because it is simple, it’s powerful and more important, really works.  

Would you like us to show you how you can start and have your children enter the world of music almost immediately and begin benefiting from this learning process? And the best part is that my partner and I are willing to share this with you for free.

But we want to be selective and work with only the families who are ready to take action now.

How about you? Are you ready? Are you starting to see the bigger picture now?  Is this your year to have your child(ren) start taking piano lessons and begin building higher levels of confidence, character, and discipline into their lives with each passing month and year? 

Do these concepts make sense to you?  If so, we are looking for you.  Remember, confidence, character, and discipline, are the most critical benefits of music lessons, and they are always available to the families who value these benefits most.  Taking piano lessons or music lessons can be a game changer in your child’s life.  

A bit about Rachel and Anthony…

Rachel got her degree in music, then her teaching certificate right after we married.  She taught in the public school system as both a certified core teacher and music teacher before we started growing our young family. 

In the early years I played my sax when I wasn’t busy with my career working at IBM and then later in IT at the banks.

While our three children were young I finished my MBA.  I left the corporate world in my 40’s to pursue my love for music to grow the family business that Rachel started.  I got a chance to co-author my first book about our music business, family and life…it was published in 2015