Music School Recitals are Memory Makers!

June is music school recitals season.  It is the season, not only for piano recitals but dance recitals and school graduation ceremonies as well.  

And what a great two weeks we have had full of piano, guitar, voice, drums, and violin recitals.  Our various music school locations have held their yearly regional recitals for dance and music across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) this month.  It's been wonderful to see the students work so hard over the year and to have the children’s families so excited for the annual recital tradition to come to pass. 

Music School Recital Performance

I just think it's all so wonderful!  Over the years, all three of our children have practiced, prepared and performed each year at their respective music recitals with their music teachers.  For them, every opportunity to perform has resulted in a wealth of experiences, successes, photo / video ops and memories with family, friends, and teachers.

You know what really jumped out at me this week?  It had to do with Memory Making Moments!

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Memory Making Moments

I really think making memories is really at the heart of what is so special about piano or music school recitals.  These year-end events are incredible memory making moments.  A recital is a significant event that children and their parents can look forward to.  

Throughout Canada and the USA, music students have worked hard on their recital pieces – they’ve practiced, prepared and invited friends and family to attend and watch them share their musical or dance skills with others. 

Most music schools are starting to wind down around this time of year – the performances are done (or almost all done now) and they start looking to register new students for next year’s fall classes.  

Last week Thursday, I was leaving our studio in the morning and I passed by a gathering of preschool students (they looked about 4 years old) at the local co-op nursery.  The parking lot was also just jammed full and the street was lined with cars, minivans, and SUVs.  I peeked in through the window and I saw a packed auditorium full of moms, dads, (during the work week at 10AM!!), grandparents, and infant siblings seated in neat rows.  This must have been something really important!

There on the stage were teachers and so many little ones all dressed up with coloured construction paper hats, you know those flat-topped graduation hats and paper diplomas rolled up in their little hands.  This was their graduation ceremony.  

Each child walked across the stage, shook hands with their teacher and then stopped for their photo-op.  And there the parents were at the front of the stage, with their cameras and phones taking tons of pictures with fun, giddy, smiles just capturing and drinking the whole memorable moment in.

And then it struck me.  This is the same scene we see year after year at each recital.  Heck, we’ve been one of those parents as well when it was our kids’ time to shine.  We loved it too.  We needed it too.  We lived for it too.  We are all human…there is no shame in loving to see our children succeed!

Again it reminds me that parents and our society in general wants, in fact, needs and clamors for wonderful memory making moments that we capture and then later revisit.  Taking all those pictures and videos so that later, when we want to, we can look fondly back on a rich life of experiences and memories with those we love and cherish.

As parents, we never want to forget the importance of such memorable opportunities and we need to build them into the lives of our children to help them celebrate their achievements and hard work.

Keep looking for and supporting those memory making moments because really…making memories is really what life is all about.  Memories last a lifetime and great memories make for a full and rich life. 

Year-end piano, dance, and music school recitals are great examples of events where those memory making moments can occur.

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