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Why do some people find more success with guitar music lessons or keyboard lessons and others do not? Why do some seem destined to become better musicians (better piano players or guitar players) whereas others struggle and their musical dreams just fade away and die?

Guitar Music Lessons - Unlock The Secret Within! – Part 1 of 2

Does God or evolution somehow choose (in a ‘duck-duck-goose’ fashion) who will learn the piano or guitar and who won’t?  Of course, everybody that is given a chance to take guitar lessons or piano music lessons has the same opportunity to blossom into a musician. 

Is it that a ‘higher power’ or natural selection has its favourites?  Does everyone have the potential to learn music and develop into a good player?  It is common knowledge that music is the universal language

So is it possible that the difference in musical potential doesn't rest with chance or genetics or anything but with something deep within each one of us?  

Pick any guitar player or pianist...

Choose at random from any number of reasonably accomplished musicians (be they guitarists, piano players, singers, etc.) that you have known personally or think of any pop star who has had a hit song on the radio or YouTube.  No matter, if they are famous composers, Grammy Award winners or simply ‘normal’ people you knew as a child, you will be struck instantly with the fact that all of these musicians (famous or not) are different on so many levels.

Sometimes their differences are so great as to be positively glaring.  How different for example is the life of Bono from Elvis or Mozart from Amy Winehouse or theLessonGurus own Rachel from Anthony DeGazon?  The differences in their lives and backgrounds are very striking.  There are differences of race, nationality, education, gender, personality, habit and many other personal qualities.  

Yet all musicians must have something in common

Still, though they were all unique individuals, they all must have had something in common.  What they shared was that they all somehow lived their lives in a way that is different than non-musicians, different than what is typical for the majority of others.  Maybe something in them was open to music; something stirred inside them.  As I mentioned earlier, ‘Music is the universal language.’  If that is true, then isn’t it counter-intuitive for some to excel musically, while others ‘lose interest’ along the way and quit?

So why do some stick with guitar music lessons or piano lessons?

So why is it that some excel while taking guitar music lessons or piano, while others ‘lost interest’ along the way and quit?

The answer is clear.   [Read Part 2 of 2] to find out the answer…

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