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Why Do We Even Bother?

There is a very limited supply of quality information on music lessons from parents...for parents.

"So a couple of Canadian parents who have decided to share what they have learned while having all three of their kids go through years and years of private music lessons, preparing for Royal Conservatory of Music exams, and recitals.  

In the end it has worked out to be so much fun, we've enjoyed it...the kids have enjoyed it and each one has ended up learning a few instruments."

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Use our ‘Starting Lessons 101: Five Things to Know Guide’ to get you started in the right direction. The guide is very easy to follow without any technical mumbo-jumbo to throw you off.

The Best Source of Online Music Lessons Information for Parents…an expert guide to articles, insider tips and, how-to’s

Parents like you are committed to finding the answers to your top questions about how music schools work and they want the inside scoop on lessons.

This site exists to share what we have learned about children and our experience with music education.  We will help you feel more informed and better equipped so that you will be more confident in your decision to enroll your child in piano, guitar, or singing lessons.

Good Music Lessons Information Has Not Been that Easy to Find

Parents come to us looking for answers to basic music questions, wondering about lessons, or our professional opinions.  Many parents have looked for a music lesson Q&A fact sheet that we would be willing to share to help them with their research.  But they clearly wanted a guide that was easy to get their hands on, a quick read, and one that is simple to understand.  What questions did they have?

Basic questions like,

  • How many hours a week should my child have in lessons?
  • What are the costs we can expect?  What are the best lesson formats or types? How fast can we expect our children to learn an instrument?
  • There are so many music schools in the Greater Toronto Area to choose from is there one you can recommend?
  • My child is in high level rep this or that (hockey or rep soccer).  Will they have the time to take lessons and learn an instrument?
  • What is the best way to achieve results the quickest?  How young should we start our children in piano lessons?
  • What about the Royal Conservatory?  When should we start taking exams?
  • My child, doesn’t want to do exams.  What if they just want to learn an instrument for fun?
  • How do you choose one music school over another?   How many times a week should my child practice and for how long?
  • Do we need an instrument at home?  Where to I find a used instrument? 
  • Will a keyboard work or do I need to buy an acoustic piano right away?
  • Can we try the piano lessons for a few months or will we be locked in for a whole year?

All of your questions are important and very common.  But for a parent, tracking down the answers can be hard to find answers to when dealing with a novice or answering service at the local music school, or when talking to the sales rep at a national music store chain. 

Often a Google search is no better.  Scrolling and clicking through 100’s of information-poor, sales-heavy web sites designed to sell you music, a book or the bigger ticket items like an instrument, piano, or lesson services costing from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Not really what you are wanting at the moment you are looking for answers to your questions. 

We get it.

Basically many parent’s questions go unanswered or they feel the unnecessary pressure to BUY something, when all they are looking for us information.


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theLessonGurus' Anthony DeGazon and Rachel DeGazon In the Media...

A bit about Rachel and Anthony…

Rachel got her degree in music, then her teaching certificate right after we married.  She taught in the public school system as both a certified core teacher and music teacher before we started growing our young family. 

In the early years I played my sax when I wasn’t busy with my career working at IBM and then later in IT at the banks.

While our three children were young I finished my MBA.  I left the corporate world in my 40’s to pursue my love for music to grow the family business that Rachel started.  I got a chance to co-author my first book about our music business, family and life…it was published in 2015