We are Music Makers, and this is our story!

We are Music Makers!  What a fantastic way for DeGazon Music and our students to start off the 2017-18 lesson year!

Rachel, myself and the rest of the DeGazon Music team are so excited and humbled. This achievement means a lot to us.

We are Music Makers!  Here is our story...

We set out to do something different - change student lives. 

When I left the corporate world in 2005 and joined Rachel to build the music school she started, we didn't have any investors or outside money to fund the transition. We don't have designs on 'going public.'

Our motivation comes from a different place.

We set out to do something different. Something bigger than just teaching music. We KNOW that through musical learning, commitment and positive relationships that students' lives are changed.

The Mission has been a battle worth the fight

Because we are fighting against some massive schools and national chains, those guys with the really deep financial pockets, we've had to do things differently - think fast on our feet, pivot, adapt, and we never give up. We have to be smarter to succeed. We don't have any Plan 'B' to survive. We have to focus on value creation to be successful and it is this focus that allows us to continue with our mission.

No Fear! Learning from one's mistakes is critical

So how do we do, what many thought was impossible? We are persistent, passionate and focused. There are ups and downs, but we are still going strong...day after day. We are not afraid to make a mistake. Instead, we take the time to learn from our mistakes to make us stronger, more confident, and full of life! Learning not to fear "making a mistake" through learning music makes our students more resilient and so much more likely to succeed in life.

Thanks again for journeying with us...  Your success is our success!

It is happening by instilling a lifelong passion for music in the next generation. We are Music Makers, and this is our story!

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By Anthony DeGazon Founder theLessonGurus.com and co-Owner of DeGazon Music Studios

A bit about Rachel and Anthony…

Rachel got her degree in music, then her teaching certificate right after we married.  She taught in the public school system as both a certified core teacher and music teacher before we started growing our young family. 

In the early years I played my sax when I wasn’t busy with my career working at IBM and then later in IT at the banks.

While our three children were young I finished my MBA.  I left the corporate world in my 40’s to pursue my love for music to grow the family business that Rachel started.  I got a chance to co-author my first book about our music business, family and life…it was published in 2015