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Why do some people seem to find more success with guitar music lessons or keyboard lessons and others do not?

Musical Receptivity - Unlock The Secret Within! – Part 2 of 2

If music is the universal language, why is it that some excel while taking music guitar music lessons or keyboard lessons, while others ‘lose interest’ and quit piano lessons or give up on learning guitar?

Let me offer a suggestion of where the secret lies. 

I believe that there is one specific secret quality which all musicians have responded to.  This secret quality is found in every musician that has every lived!  At one extreme we have the novice taking beginner music keyboard lessons for the first time and at the other extreme – musical prodigies and pop music stars i.e. the pros. 

Musical Receptivity is that Secret Quality Within

And that specific, secret quality is what I call Musical Receptivity – that special something, inside everyone, that is open to music.  It is that secret quality that urges humans to learn about music and to stick it.  Musical Receptivity is the starting place, the source, like a mustard seed (it is very small, one of the smallest seeds, usually about 1 to 2 millimeters in diameter but under the right conditions, they can grow into trees 8 to 10 feet tall when mature and fully developed over time - remarkable transformation.)

Receptivity - Musical Receptivity is that proverbial mustard seed.

What could be learned musically, if just 10% of 5 hours per day of social media was spent learning an instrument (responding to the ‘Musical Receptivity’ within each of us)?Respond to What Really Matters - Musical Receptivity - Unlock the Secret Within

Pick any guitar player or pianist...they share the same quality

Having worked with thousands of young people and supported their musical education at DeGazon Music Studios, I am certain that all those who learn an instrument and become musicians have the quality of musical receptivity, a musical awareness, and that they went on to develop it. 

They did not get so distracted as to lose their way (see ‘Respond to What Really Matters’ inset).  They grew their "mustard" seed of Musical Receptivity, like a farmer does with a seed, planting it, watering, nurturing and cultivating it, until the seed grows to become a significant mature thing in their lives.

All musicians developed musical response

So how are musicians different from those that never learned to play the piano, guitar or any instrument when given the opportunity? 

Musicians are different from others in that WHEN they felt the inward pull or desire to learn to play an instrument; they DID something about it.  They worked on and developed the regular habit of musical response. They were not distracted from or disobedient to the dream of playing an instrument – they remained aware, musically receptive and responded.

So why do some stick with guitar music lessons?

Receptivity to anything, including musical receptivity, is not one-dimensional, but a combination of several elements within your body, soul, and mind committed to by your will.  Musical Receptivity is an attraction to, a bent toward, an affinity for, or a desire to learn to play an instrument.  

The receptivity to music will vary from person to person, though it is most certainly present in all humans, because music is the universal language of all humanity. 

So What are Parents to Do?  Two Simple Things.

As parents of young children or as a young person starting the journey of life and musical learning, it is critical to understand that the levels of Music Receptivity are increased with activity and ruined through neglect or distraction.

Our children, like us, must be encouraged and reminded to choose what matters.  Life is full of distractions set to rob us of our potential and our dreams.

So then let us understand and cultivate the Music Receptivity within each of us, as we would any other gift to grow, develop and become significant for a lifetime.  

Let's guide our children to be two simple things:

  1. Be Receptive - help them listen and not tune out the inner that inner prompting inside each of us, that is open to music.  Musical Receptivity is that secret quality that urges us toward learn about music and to stick it. Distraction is the enemy of Musical Receptivity.
  2. Be Responsive - remind and help them to choose what really matters.  A 10% investment of time otherwise wasted will mean the difference between being average vs above average - the difference between learning an instrument or quitting before achieving a dream.

Just, imagine what could be learned, if even a fraction of the time lost to social media and smartphone use each day was spent playing an instrument (responding to the ‘Musical Receptivity’ within each of us).  Let the music play on...

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